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Google Safe Search for Kids: In case you haven't noticed, search-engine giant Google has made some changes... http://bit.ly/gJTk53

Man posed as teen to lure young girls into sex
Christchurch District Court, Christchurch, New Zealand, October 1, 2010.
A 34-year-old Christchurch man has today admitted posing online as a 17-year-old high school student and meeting and having sex with girls as young as 13.

One in four gives fake net names

8 September 2010 Last updated at 16:33 GMT
More than a quarter of people online have lied about their name and more than one in five has done something online they regret, says a new report.
The behavioural and psychological impacts of online life are outlined in a report from the security firm Norton.

Facebook 'friend' steals TV contestant's identity

4:00 AM Thursday Aug 5, 2010
A person Amelia Gough trusted as a Facebook friend ended up stealing her photos and using them to create fake MySpace and Twitter pages in her name.

Google on privacy: change your name
Louisa Hearn
August 17, 2010 - 3:05PM

Google's chief has put forth a novel solution for today's teenagers whose wild online antics threaten to follow them into their adult life: change your name.

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