Digital Citizenship at Home
Welcome to the ICT PD Digital Citizenship at Home module. This is the third of three modules in the digital citizenship series and specifically addresses the issues and challenges of being connected digitally at home.

This module will go 'live' from October 2010 with opportunities to reflect and discuss the issues and challenges raised. After the initial launch date, the wiki will remain live.

Who would benefit from interacting with this module:
Any parent who is interested in ensuring their child is an informed, ethical, savvy digital citizens. Any educator who would like to keep their parent community informed of these issues - e.g. Principals, teachers, cluster facilitators, lead teachers, cluster project directors.

Navigating through the module:
The links to the left of the wiki will take you through the content and resources contained within this module. You are encouraged to access this material, consider the implications and apply some new understanding about digital citizenship and cyber safety at home. If you wish to become part of this online learning community and connect with other like-minded parents, caregivers and educators, then feel free to tell us a little bit about yourselves on the 'Getting to know you' page.

Digital Citizenship Modules 2010:
All three Digital Citizenship modules for 2010 can be found @ Modular programme 2010. If you need additional help or support with any of the modules, then please contact Tessa Gray 021337529.

Something to consider...
Ubiquitous access to information, collaborative learning through social networking and the sharing of knowledge in a global platform has the potential to help grow good citizens with a sense of ethics and etiquette in the global village. Yet, potential learning opportunities can be outweighed by misconceived ideas about Internet predators, groomers, pornography, online bullying are more. These issues are often sensationalized by the media. It’s time to educate our parents.

"Parents, there’s no doubt that we want what’s best for our children. We want them to enjoy life and everything that it has to offer, and we want them to be safe while doing so. In today’s world, the Internet is part of that life. Its mainstream influence on our society is growing more and more every day, and our children are right there on the frontline ready to embrace what it has to offer." Yoursphere Before Facebook – Here’s why

"The internet is a little like the proverbial elephant that never forgets. Our digital footprints are not like the footprints on the beach, washed away by the next wave or rising tide. Rather they are like footprints left to dry in the wet concrete of the footpath." http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/The+Digital+Citizen